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Byron Shire Events Policy
Refused By State Government

We won!!!

What great news: The Byron Shire Events Policy was refused by the NSW State Government last week. To everyone: We could not have achieved this win without you.

To all the wonderful artists who assisted big time - Michael Franti, Ben Harper, John Butler, Kasey Chambers, The Cat Empire, Blue King Brown and EVERYONE else: THANK YOU.

The Byron Shire Events Policy is no longer THE WORST MUSIC POLICY IN AUSTRALIA thanks to all of your extraordinary support and involvement.

Bluesfest Director Peter Noble who has fought the policy
from the first day it was introduced has stated:

This is a win for everyone who loves the Arts, Music and Culture in our country - and even more - the rule of law and the democratic principles on which Australia exists.

The attempt by a number of our councillors was to take away the right to lodge a development application to your local council for a music concert or festival, and have it determined on its merits, and if refused - the right which every Australian should have, to go to a court, in this case, the Land & Environment Court, and have your day in front of a judge - in order for the laws of Australia to prevail - and not the ego of a couple of councillors on a power trip.”

“The vast majority of the local community in Byron Shire has opposed this attempt by a few councillors to regulate our rights to enjoy culture in an attempt to turn us into a nanny shire - they have wasted our time and money - and always had the legal advice that what they were doing was against the law.”

“We can now plan the future of our event site with certainty and bring to you not only wonderful cultural events there, but invest further in areas such as buildings and site improvement for our highly regard patrons enjoyment.”

“It is now up to our community to deal with the councillors effectively at the ballot box in the upcoming council elections in September - I appeal to you not to vote for Councillor Cameron, the main proponent of the Byron Events Policy who is standing for mayor at the upcoming NSW local government elections in September - if you do not want this type of action to be ongoing. He does not deserve to be re-elected, not only on this matter, but many others - please vote for Cr Richardson, who has always opposed the Events Policy - and is an incredible advocate for the Arts in Byron Shire.”

“We also want to thank Cr’s Heeson, Tucker and Woods for their support in voting against the policy and will advise who is standing - and who will support the Arts, Bluesfest and our event site in future E News to you.

If you want to find out more about the history of the
Byron Shire Events Policy and what really happened, then:

We would also like to share some of the fantastic comments
we received via Facebook and email.

Peter, that's awesome!! I am proud of you for standing firm and proud to have helped in the effort. I hope to see you in Byron next Easter. Michael Franti, Musician, via email from Sumatra.

Congratulations to Peter Noble and others who spearheaded the campaign to protect Festivals and events in the Byron region. Sanity has prevailed. This is a huge win for everyone, and sends an important message nationally about the importance of supporting our arts initiatives, events and venues permanent and pop-up. We'll be back soon to celebrate with you. Three cheers from THE CAT EMPIRE, via email.

What a win, warrior for the arts - Jenni Caffin, former Byron Writers Festival director, current consultant of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, via email

Congratulations! You've fought the good fight, and it seems the forces of right have prevailed. Michael Coppel, Music Promoter, via email

Congratulations. A big win for those who love music and those who accept a better idea. Steve Scherri, CEO of Emedia Campaigns, via email.

I know you put a lot of effort into ensuring the right outcome behind the scenes. So well done Peter. Kim Rosen, Brunswick Tourism Group, via email

Congratulations Peter, a triumph for common sense and all in the live music/festival industry! Damien Cunningham, Music Manager & Joint Programmer, via email

Huge Congratulations to Peter Noble Re the News regarding Events in our Area with the State Gov Canning the Events Policy ~ You're a Champ Peter~ Thank you for caring and giving us such great entertainment on the North Coast ~ Here's to you ~ Smiles. Tara Blackman, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

Good to see a victory for the best festival director in the country... I think the most interesting point of the article is how Byron council ignored its own advice on the legality of the policy & wasted thousands of dollars from the rate payers of Byron... will be interesting where it all goes from here...Blind Benny, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

Sanity prevails. Going to our first Bluesfest next year - can't wait. Peter Hargraves, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook

Small step for man, giant leap for common sense. Well done Peter (+crew). Peter Conaty, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

Absolutely Bloody Fantastic. Narrow minded Councillors working for themselves and not the community. Can't wait for 2013. Colin Hawkins, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook

Congrats Peter, Bluesfest Crew and all supporters of the petition. So good to see sanity prevail. :)) Irene Apap, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

Congratulations and yay - glad Peter Noble and clan had the fortitude and the capacity to persist, rally, pursue and finally succeed in this matter - if it wasn't that it would effect the local community the council should be liable for compensation. Paul Hay, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

Nice one. The lovers of music and colour from Pepperland defeated the Blue Meanies. You could make an animated film about this.... Tom Plant, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

We bought our tix on the way out the door. By far the best run big festival we've been to and worth the travel from NZ. We were so impressed with the way your community connects with this event. Long may you continue. Great news :) Zeb Davies, Bluesfest friend, via Facebook.

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Artist Applications 2013

Artist Applications to perform at the 24th Annual Bluesfest 2013 are NOW OPEN until the 31st of October 2012.

We look forward to receiving your CD and Bio!

Please post to "Artist Applications", Bluesfest Pty Ltd, PO Box 1606, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia

Important: Please also supply your email address. Our goal is to notify all applicants (successful or not) by mid January 2013. Best of luck with your application and we are certainly looking forward to listening to your music.

Thank you once again for all the support you have given us in regards to the Byron Shire Events Policy

You are the best and we are very grateful!!

Your Bluesfest Team

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